Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trying not to get murderized by the boogie man

Evan left Monday to go down to Tampa to sit for the Bar Exam. I knew that I was going to miss him, but I also thought that I would have fun getting things done around the house while he was gone. Little did I know that the weather was going to conspire against me to make it no fun to be at home alone. Yes, I will readily admit that bad weather scares me, and that I am also afraid of the dark – sort of. I have no idea how I am going to teach my son that the dark is not scary when I have a hard time convincing myself of that very thing.

It all started out innocently enough. On the way home from picking up the baby from school, I decided to catch up with my friend Diva on the phone – I mean, it is a thirty minute ride home now after all, so I may as well use the time to good purpose, right? So I dial up Miss Diva and we start chatting about this and that. Turns out – she’s actually getting ready to move into her house finally (after something life fifty-five gazillion years). But she started telling me about the sounds she had heard while she was out at her property Sunday night and about how creepy it was to hear some poor little animal screeching in the night because some other larger, more agile animal was killing it – murderizing it is actually what she called it. She then proceeds to tell me (in detail) about how Wayne told her that this was a common thing to hear when you have a bit of land or live in the boonies and about how she even walked out of the house when she heard it happening because she thought she could save someone’s life (not realizing yet that it was an animal). I freaked out as she was telling me these things because I have this tendency to make stories seem worse than they are in my head – so that by the time I actually got home and pulled into the garage, I was somewhat afraid that as the garage door was slowly lowering to the ground something would dash in under the door and try to murderize me and the baby! It was an irrational fear, I know. But still – until the door clanged against the ground I was holding my breath a bit.

I managed to make it inside with the baby in tow, but the weather had decided to grow gloomy and ominous on me and I quickly ran from window to window shutting the curtains so that the bad weather boogies couldn’t get me either. The baby is probably convinced that I’m a little nutty now, but he didn’t let on if he thought that or not. I was able to get him his dinner and bath without incident, and when I put him down for night-night he didn’t even make a peep. But I think I kind of wanted him to so that he could keep me company until night-night time for me. Sigh. Is that what I’m reduced to now? Wanting an 11 month old to keep me company so the boogie man can’t come? Jeesh!

The next morning I had to take the garbage down to the curb – but it was still dark outside because I have to leave at the butt-crack of dawn now to get to work on time – and I was still afraid the boogie man was going to jump out of the shadows and murderize me. Somehow, I managed to summon the strength and will power to open the garage door and drag the can down to the curb at super lightening speed. I’m quite certain my new neighbors saw this fiasco and now think I’m touched in the head in some way – but oh well. The boogie man didn’t manage to catch me so I’m okay with being thought of as “that” woman in the neighborhood.

So last night the weather wasn’t as bad as it was Monday night, but we got home later than the night before because we had been in a meeting until 8:30. This time the baby was already asleep so I didn’t even have him to keep me company while I did the mad dash to the curb to pull up the can and around the house making sure the windows were all still closed. I put him to bed and did manage to keep myself occupied shopping on Amazon until I managed to get sleepy enough to fall asleep. We made it through two nights without getting murderized, but I certainly am glad that Evan will be home tonight! Who would ever have thought that I’d turn out to be such a whimp?

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