Friday, January 23, 2015

A little more fun with photos

Aside from the fact that someone really needs to teach me how to use this stupid computer, I really enjoy trying to figure out HTML. Now if only I could figure out an easier way to get my photos to line up prettier...
After looking at these photos, you're going to think I only ever dress my children in red, but I don't! Honest!

This is Warren chasing me with his remote control helicopter. I managed to pluck it right out of the sky with my bare hands before he plowed it into my face! He thought that was pretty cool!
This is Liam at Momo's pizza last weekend. Momo's serves pizza slices as big as your head. He ate the whole dadgum thing! I swaer, if he had better balance and coordination I'd be convinced he was going to be a linebacker. But alas, he's a little uncorrdinated thing!
This is Liam doing some sensory play on day that was way too cold to be outside playing on the playset. He's doing so much better with sensory play and is really starting to blossom with his oral motor stuff too. I love the progress he's making!
This one is him playing with some playdoh while I was getting dinner ready. I don't think he was exactly happy with the texture and consistency of this one though.
This is another shot of Warren at Dorothy B Oven park a couple of weeks ago. We had fun that day - and I thought he looked super cute in this photo!

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