Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I love my co-workers and workplace

This is a letter I sent to all of our employees here about some experiences I have since I started my new job:

Good Thursday morning to everyone!

While I know that the fourth quarter is not yet upon us – though it is rapidly approaching – I thought I would take a moment to share a story with everyone about a uplifting experience I recently had with one of our clients. While this is really the first work place some of you have called home, those of us who have been in the workforce a little longer understand that not all companies have the same attitude of doing right by their client and their employees, nor do all companies actively try to cultivate a work environment that helps the people working in that environment want to be the best that they can be (yes, I stole the Army’s slogan – I think they’ll understand this time). The short story I am about to share should help get everyone excited about the fourth quarter C.A.R.E. theme of Excellence as well as highlight something that I truly thought was a wonderful testament to our culture, the MCCi Family and our commitment to being the best at what we do!

With Laura’s move down to Wellington, I have had the opportunity lately to interact with many of the clients who use to send their information for the MuniScan department to Laura. Two days ago, I received an email through her old email address from ***Name Redacted*** from the ***Name Redacted*** asking to upload something to the town’s website. I replied back to her letting her know that Laura had a fabulous opportunity come her way, that she had taken it, had moved, and was no longer with us, but that Paige would now be her contact for that kind of information. I explained that Paige was a terrific person to work with and would make sure that all of her needs were met. I also told her that she would really like Paige because she’s friendly, hard working, and easy to get along with. I didn’t expect the kind of reply that I received next!

Ms. ***Name Redacted*** replied saying that she would be happy to send future requests to Paige and she was sure that it would be great working with her since she knew she was going to be in capable hands because every single time she had ever worked with anyone from MCCi that she received very good customer service. Do you know how AWESOME that is to read about the company you’re working for? Let me tell you why I think this is so incredible –

In four of my former positions, I have had to be the person on the receiving end of the types of services we offer here many, many times. I can count on two fingers how many companies I can say I actually enjoyed working with on a regular basis. That number is reduced by half if you were to ask me how many companies I enjoyed working with every single time I had interactions with them. I came to work for that company four months ago. The plain truth of the matter is that the vast majority of businesses out there simple do not understand that while clients are important in order to bring in money, it is the employees that are the life blood of the business because it is the employees who interact with the clients. If the employees aren’t giving their best performance every single time they interact with the clients then the reputation of the company begins to falter and slip. I tell you this because I believe that every single person in this organization played a vital role in providing the excellent customer service to Ms. ***Name Redacted*** that allowed her to trust me implicitly when I told her that Paige would make sure that all of her needs would be met.

• I have heard the interactions Will and Alexis have had with their customers and have thought every single time that I am so lucky to work with account managers who are so incredibly passionate about helping the clients use their products more efficiently.

• I have seen the correspondence between clients and Hilda, James, Russ, Logan and Freddy and am truly excited for us because I know in my head and also in my heart that our account executives are out there working hard to help our governmental units work more efficiently to deliver the essential services their citizens so desperately need and deserve.

• I have seen the dedication that Paige and Lori and LA and Tonia and Tia have poured into their work in getting all of the work in the MuniScan department scanned in efficiently and correctly and delivered back to the client quickly. I have enjoyed seeing the dynamic in that department and the true camaraderie they share as they whittle down box after box of work!

• I have heard Joe and Robert on support calls patiently and thoroughly guiding the client to a solution the client can understand and be happy with and read the emails from clients praising Kyle (I haven’t hear Kyle because he’s in Texas). I have seen Michael Widner slaving over his four monitors coding away and making integrations work flawlessly and seamlessly for hours on end. I have seen the emails from the clients who have dealt with Rigo or Scott and are so pleased with the level of service and knowledge they gained from them during and after implementation. I have seen Doug work tirelessly to make sure that every client is happy with the support and service his department gives.

• I have seen the enthusiasm that Christie brings to her work every day and have even been on the receiving end of her excitement about something new or cool or neat about one of our clients or products. I have been grateful to know that Donny truly believes in me and trusts that I will grow into the role I have taken on and make it even better, and that he even cares about me developing my own abilities even more.

This stuff is truly neat stuff to see happening in any business – especially in a for-profit business where, in many cases, the focus tends to be on cutting corners to save money regardless of whether the clients or the staff are well served or not – but it’s super exciting to see it happening here and to know that I get the privilege of being a part of it. When I think about Ms. Lunceford’s email, I can’t help but think about the things I have told other people about my job here at MCCi – I tell people about the level of EXCELLENCE each person here brings to the table every single day, and about how it’s nice to work in an environment where I know without a doubt that someone will always have my back! I tell people that I am truly happy again and that it is super refreshing to know that I like going to work each day (even on the days when things get trying).

It’s easy to forget the good stuff we see or experience when things get busy and time starts to get away from us – that’s just part of the human experience. But as we move into the fourth and final quarter of 2010, I hope everyone will take a moment to recognize the excellence all around us here at MCCi, and to savor the moment knowing that it is truly a wonderful place that each of us is helping to shape with every one of our actions. We have a fantastic staff of dedicated, enthusiastic, wonderful people who I am truly blessed to know. Let’s recognize that excellence in ourselves and also in our client base and make this upcoming quarter a super fantastic quarter of true excellence!

Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to doing a job well and with enthusiasm and commitment!

Can you tell I really like my new environment? :)

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